graphic design for logo leaf

 graphic design for logo leaf

graphic design for logo leaf
graphic design for logo leaf

Leaf Function to Plants, Turns Out to Have An Important Role

The leaves are one of the members of plants that have an important role. This is because plants are obligate autotrophic organisms. Where plants must supply their own energy needs through the conversion of the power of sunlight into chemical forces.
The leaves have a variety of forms based on the bones of the leaves, such as finned, fingering, curved, parallel, and many more. The volume of the leaves includes being able to be thin or thick.

Prime leaves are composed of three members namely pelepah, stalk (petiolus) and leaf strands. The leaf fronds sit on the stem. The stalk of the leaf connects the fronds or stems with the leaves. Leaf strands are the most important members, because this is where the most important benefits of leaves as the most dominant photosynthetic organ work.

for that plant plants that are useful for life yes, so that generations get benefits

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