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 brand logo design women

Knitting Philosophy
brand logo design women
brand logo design women
Early in learning to hold a haken (knitting needle) and place a thread on the finger, just like a baby who has just learned to hold a spoon to eat, this hand is so stiff. I'm like a kid who's just learning to hold a pinsil to write. The hard work and pleas to succeed (especially when looking at other people's good work) made me not give up on continuing. This experience reminds me of the struggles of a learner. No matter how small the process, its age, its impact, learning is an unsy easy process. My obligation is to respect the learner because the learner has managed to prevent the obstacles available to him to be able to master one knowledge. Then I saw my children learning to hold spoons and others learning to write, child learners who passed on their "never give up" attitude to me.
Knitting is not just a matter of technique, knitting is patience and perseverance. That's the hardest (for me). Consistency. What's it like when emotions are forever knitted? The knitting count is incorrect, the form of knitting is inconsistent.

Knitting is prudence. It's possible that when we've knitd so far, we just realized our count was wrong. Sometimes it's capable of diakali, but usually we have to repeat back from that incorrect area, meaning detached knitted. Such a large effort disappeared due to a small error due to lack of care. By knitting we appreciate the little things.

A knitted project can seem meaningless at the beginning, and we only understand its purpose at the end. Even simple knitted when combined is able to be a masterpiece. So don't be easy to judge. That's what I learned. 

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