illustrator design tree

illustrator design tree

illustrator design tree
illustrator design tree
Bamboo Tree Philosophy
Did you know that bamboo trees will not prove meaningful development for the 5th. First.

Although every day is watered & nurtured, the growth is only more than a decade.
But after the 5th. then, the development of bamboo trees is too devastating & the size is no longer within centimeters but meters.

Then actually what happened to a bamboo tree ???

It turned out to be for the 5th. first, it undergoes a devastating development of the root (NOT) on the trunk, from which, the bamboo tree is preparing a foundation that is too strong, so that it is able to sustain its height of tens of meters later on.

Morals of the story

If we run into an obstacle & failure, it doesn't mean we're not progressing, but rather we're going through a tremendous development within us.
When we're tired - almost giving up on dealing with the harsh ity of life, don't just scyth hope.

There is a pameo that says "the hardest part of a rocket to reach orbit is to get through the earth's gravity"

If we look at it, the largest member of support equipment carried by a rocket is a propulsion jet to go through the atmosphere & gravity of the Earth.

Once the rocket goes through the atmosphere, the thruster jet will be released & the rocket will fly along with minimum fuel in space without weight, hovering lightly, and without any hard work.

Similarly, along with humans, the TOUGHEST member of a SUCCESS is when one starts a business from a struggle, because everything feels so HEAVY & STRESSFUL.
But if he or she is able to go through a certain limit, actually one is able to feel all the ease & freedom from pressure & burden.

But unfortunately, many people GIVE UP when the pressure & load is felt too heavily, like a rocket that fails to penetrate the atmosphere.

Buya Hamka said "if life is limited, pigs in the forest are counted as living & except work to the extent of work, apes are counted to work".

When the bamboo tree is blown by strong winds, he will duck, but after the wind passes, he will stand again, like the journey of life of a man who is not before separated from trials & obstacles.

Then be like a bamboo tree!

The flexibility of bamboo trees teaches us a life attitude that focuses on steadfastness in living, despite the storms & typhoons.

There is no word on giving up to keep growing, there is no reason to be buried in limitations, because however development for the sake of development kudu begins from the power to keep yourself in the most difficult circumstances though. 
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