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illustration style grape black

illustration style grape black
illustration style grape black

7 Tips for Choosing and Storing Wine

Who's satisfied with the wine? Sure deh almost all readers of ResepKoki satisfied with this fruit. The soft, sweet and slightly sour fruit meat is in great demand by fruit fans everywhere. This luxury is a fruit derived from the vines that vines and belongs to the relatives vitaceae.

Not only delicious, this grape rich in vitamins and antioxidants includes a lot of benefits for health. That's why it's highly recommended for the consumption of this sweet every day. Well so that the benefits we are able to feel to the maximum, it is very necessary so that we are observant in choosing wine along with good quality. Because otherwise, wrong can actually be detrimental. In addition to the loss of not being able to get maximum benefits because of the quality that is not ok including duwit losses that have been issued.

In order to be able to choose wine along with good quality pay attention to these next tips.

1. Select the bars that remain available.

Unlike other types of fruit, grapes can be harvested together with the stem. Wine that sticks to the stem is better to choose because the wine that has been released comes from the stem of the sign the wine is very ripe. Grapes that do not stick to the stem can rot faster. Try to choose a wine alongside a stem that remains greenish in color.

2. Pay attention to the shape of the fruit.

Make sure the selected fruit has dense granules and no wrinkles at all. If wrinkled and benyek, then the wine is no longer worth to be consumed. If there is a hole or defect in the wine circle, leave it and choose another wine. Another one, if the skin of the grapes is touched and sticky, it means that the fruit is no longer good to consume.

3. Pay attention to the color and pattern of the wine.

Choose one that stays bright and doesn't come out pale. Also make sure all colors are evenly distributed, assuming green should be all green. Or red, it better be all red. The uneven color is a sign the wine hasn't cooked perfectly. Avoid shopping for wines that have brown spots or unusual patterns because this feature states the grapes could have become decaying.

4. Pay attention to the aroma.

Make sure to choose a wine that has a fresh and sweet aroma. The wine has a distinctive aroma whose mark is that it stays fresh and can be smelled when we bring the wine close to the nose. Grapes that become decaying have a smell like vinegar that is very strong due to fermentation.

5. Pay attention to the signs of the presence of mold.

Try pressing the fruit gently together. If it becomes tender it is best to choose another wine. See including how the appearance comes from the wine, if there are white or gray fungal spots, it should not be purchased because the next mushroom can joint lightly spread to other grapes and accelerate the decay system.

6. Pay attention to the thickness of the skin

If the skin of the wine is thin, then the amount of water is certainly a lot. And suppose the skin of the wine is thick then it can be predicted a small amount of water. If you crave wine with plenty of water, choose one that's not thick. So including the opposite.

7. Choose a thick color

Pekat here means not old guys. For example green wine, choose the greenest color of the fruit. This applies to other types of wines. The oxygen content of the wine is determined to be derived from the level of maturity that comes out at the color of the fruit that is added to the concentrated. So the more concentrated the color, the higher the level of antioxidants.

Well, after knowing how to choose a good wine, we must know how to put a good yes guys, so that the wine is maintained freshness and the benefits are maintained maximally.

1. Put the wine in a tightly sealed plastic bag or airtight container without washing it first, and do not remove the stalk, then put it in the refrigerator. Washing grapes can speed up the maturation system, and can result in the wine rotting together quickly.

2. Wash the wine only when we crave consuming it immediately or freezing it. Yes, wine is capable of being stored in the freezer. But make sure to arrange the grapes separately each unit on the tray so that they do not stick to each other.

3. Keep grapes from foods that smell pungent, like onions and other spices. Grapes have the ability to absorb odors, and the taste can be strange when stored close together with foods that smell pungent. 

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