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Different Colors and Flavors, Here Are 5 Types of Grapes

Wine can be consumed directly or as a complement to other dishes

Some people may think the grapes are purple grapes with small diamonds and sweet meat.

Fruit that can be consumed directly or included as a complement to this other dish, it turns out to have many kinds of colors and types.

Although all types of wine look ordinary, but each name and color is not the same taste or growth pattern.

Yes, there are thousands of different subspecies and grape cultivars. Let's check out 5 types of grapes 

1. Cotton candy grapes

 has a taste like cotton sugar

Have you ever imagined that grapes taste candy?

Yes, this type of fruit actually exists. It's called cotton candy grapes. Where cotton candy grapes are green grapes that have a taste like cotton sugar.

Cotton candy is a juicy and very famous type of wine that includes a variety of fresh fruit products. This fruit is a creation derived from horticulturist David Cain with his team of experts at International Fruit Genetics, Bakersfield, California. 

Cotton candy grapes are neither artificial flavored nor created with genetically engineered technology. But the unique taste of grapes is obtained through a system of crossing grape varieties that are 100 naturally concentrated.

2. Kyoho

 including wines of highly maintained quality

Premium quality is a plan carried by products made in Japan, including grapes.

Although kyoho is expensive, but the quality of the wine is very maintained. In japanese cuisine, the Japanese make grapes as desserts or mixed into traditional chuhai cocktails.

Yes, kyoho wine type is the largest quantity in the Japanese market. The specialty of this kyoho wine has a refreshing sweet and sour taste.

Kyoho grapes are the size of plums. It's black and dark purple. In addition, the skinned kyoho grapes are not thin and have large, inedible seeds.

3. Moon drops

 long shape resembling fingers

It is a new addition to the grape variety which is the result of cross-cultivation with older grape varieties originating from the Middle East.

The man who contributed to this variety was a scientist named David Cain. He who works for grapery wine company has been developing moon drops for 15 years coming from Middle Eastern wine samples.

Moon drops are long in shape that resemble dark purple fingers. But another sign coming from moon drops is that it has dense, crispy meat.

When eaten it does not taste very sweet and will be like eating jelly grapes.

4. Red globe
 is so crispy and adequately tender when eaten
Red globe grapes are large varieties of seeded red grapes.
Since long time ago this type of wine imported Asian comes from America and Australia. Now it's been cultivated in Indonesia. Where red globe grapes were developed came from emperor varieties that were implemented in 1980.
Red globe in the form of a rather large round and cone that is fully filled and also thick. Obviously, red globe wine is red.
The fruit is so crispy and adequately tender when eaten. The taste is also quite sweet.

5. Sweet jubilee including table grape varieties
Grapery's Flavour Promise series is called sweet jubilee.
Where sweet jubilee is not true one excellent variety grown by grapery. The grains of sweet jubilee grapes are so large that they can be cut like an apple.
This type of grapes includes table grape varieties that produce oval and black fruits.
Sweet jubilees form large clusters with a weight that can reach 1500 grams / sign. The taste of sweet jubilee wine is adequately sweet with meat that is squealing. Most sweet jubilee grapes are grown in central California. 

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