illustration drawing collection baby

illustration drawing collection baby

illustration drawing collection baby
illustration drawing collection baby

17 Newborn Kits That Must Be Prepared At Home From Now On!

Parents who are waiting for the birth of the baby, have made preparations for baby supplies at home? Even though it's detailed, there's generally something to forget!
Sometimes, parents become concerned about decorating the baby room...
The main equipment is missed!
Newborn supplies that need to be prepared at home.
Sssttt... This includes being an inspiration to those who love birth presents, lo!
What's going on, huh?
17 Newborn Supplies To Prepare at Home

1. Bedong Fabric
2. Perlak
3. Baby Clothes
4. Baby Gloves and Socks
5. Apron
6. Diaper Fabrics and Pampers
7. Baby Cot
8. Mosquito nets
9. Sterile Equipment
10. Milk Bottle
11. Milk Bottle Cleaner
12. Baby Sling
13. Baby Bath
14. Toiletries
15. Towels
16. Telon Oil and Powder
17. Nail Clippers and Cotton Bud

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