pin loccation,draw illustration PIN GPS

draw illustration PIN GPS 

draw illustration PIN GPS
draw illustration PIN GPS 

Pin Google Maps

A Google Maps Pin is an inverted droplet-shaped icon that marks a location in Google Maps. The pin is protected under a U.S. design patent as a "shadowless teardrop marker icon".  Google already uses Pins in a variety of graphics, games, and promotional materials.
Google Maps logo on th. 2020
Pin at Google headquarters, next to Google Maps Street View vehicle
Pins, sometimes referred to as "markers", have been widely selected by companies, organizations, and other individuals for their own marketing, artwork, and activism efforts. In digital and physical representations, pins are often used to symbolize mapping software and the technology industry as a whole.

The Google Maps pin is called "a product along with pure functionality that's evolved into a cultural phenomenon" and "a solution that will take its own life, well-known to survive in the art and design of other people's projects". Looking like a flying air balloon, this marker has landed right in the middle of our visual culture".
At th. In 2014, the Museum of Modern Art obtained a physical representation derived from a Google Maps pin for its permanent collection.  At th. 2020, pin icon becomes formal Google Maps logo

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Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen designed the Google Maps pin before when Google Maps launched in 2013. 2005. He wants the pin to accurately mark a point on the map without obscuring its location. The main part of the pin is a circle at the top, but tapered to the bottom, forming an inverted teardrop shape. An elongated falling shadow comes from the point at the bottom, giving the additional pin a three-dimensional appearance.
In the original version of Google Maps, Pins are displayed along with the letters "A" through "J" when there is more than one search result. In later versions, a Pin is shown along with a black dot inside to mark a single location. At th. In 2011, Google released another small design on the pin that changed the pin's black stripe to dark red for a softer look.

Use by Google

Google already uses Pins in online and traditional print marketing campaigns for Google Maps. The Pin is displayed as part of an icon for the Google Maps mobile app, on a stylized map along with a capital "G" for "Google."
Promotional materials
Deschutes Brewery , 2011
Pins have been used on promotional objects such as beer glasses, stickers, and coffee cup sleeves in various marketing campaigns. Google has since designed and sold t-shirts featuring Google Maps pins along with the words "I'm here." 
Favorite Places Campaign
At th. In 2009, Google launched a Favorite Places marketing campaign. 100,000 local businesses received shop window stickers depicting Google Maps pins on maps, along with the words "Our Favorite Places on Google." The sticker attaches a QR code that can be scanned by the customer to display the Place of Use Page give additional online reviews. [16]
Celebrities countless Yo-Yo Ma, Diane von Furstenberg, Al Gore, and Tony Hawk, share their favorite locations around the world, such as restaurants, bakeries, and design stores. In these 30 locations, Google places 800 pounds of pins, each personalized along with a unique design based on input from the celebrity who determines that location.

Hello World Campaign

At th. In 2013, Google commissioned New York-based graphic designer Matt Delbridge for the Hello World ad campaign. Many illustrations include Google Maps Pins along with images related to specific locations around the world. 
Other uses by Google
At th. 2010, Google caused an online card that used a partial pin to spell "Happy Holidays". At th. In 2011, Google doubled its Google Maps pin to cause hearts for the Holiday feature Of Your Valentine Map. 
At th. In 2011, Google partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to create a campaign called Pink Pins in New York City. Businesses and customers are asked to place their location pins on the Pink Pin web site, share specific stories related to breast cancer awareness, and donate to charity movements. 
At th. In 2014, Google launched "Smarty Pins," a browser-based geography trivia game featuring Google Maps pins. [25] Players receive suggestions regarding locations around the world, which they identify together by placing Google Maps pins on the map. Players start the game along with 1,000 points, and lose points equivalent to the quantity of miles they place pins coming from the correct location. Bonus points can be earned along with answering trivia questions together quickly. 

Malta's Labour Party used a very similar image along with a Google Maps pin as their logo in the 2014 European Parliament's determination campaign. A Google spokesperson contacted by The Times of Malta would not comment on whether the logo infringes Google's intellectual property rights, although a copyright lawyer interviewed for the article said the similarities could have legal effect.

At th. In 2010, Facebook submitted a trademark application for a marker count design similar to a Google Maps pin on top of a rectangular map representation, but the app was abandoned.
Pride San Francisco, 2013

Political use

When Metahaven, an Amsterdam-based studio for design and research, was tasked with crafting a design for Wikileaks' new visual identity, they calculated to integrate 
Use by other organizations

The Google Maps API is too likely for developers to cause custom maps, with which they are able to cause their own bookmarks. 

Included in logo

Although Google Maps pins are protected by U.S. design patents, other organizations already use them as components of their own logos.
Google Maps pin, upside down. It shows a dripping leak, and an impossibility to determine the source.

In San Francisco, demonstrators in San Francisco had a sign bearing the shape of a Google Maps pin and read "evicted" to protest the recent surge in technology-driven evictions in San Francisco. 


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