Mushrooms for me aren't just confectionery. But more than that. I take over not right one exaggeration that he has as a philosophy of life. In this case, I'd like to call it the Mushroom Philosophy.
Ever since I became fond of mushrooms in both illustration and literal form, I've slowly become observing them. About the type, even the area of his life. There's something interesting about mushrooms according to my observations. Especially as their area grows. 

No matter the good, ugly, rickety, damaged or uninhabitable land though, mushrooms are forever capable of thriving. This fact has an impact I want to learn. Especially when it comes to adapting his area of life.

Doesn't it make us learn from nature about the philosophy of life? Despite the Creator's intervention, mushrooms for me became not true one object that could be used as a role model in fighting in the wilderness of this world.
The thing that had an impact I was interested in observing mushrooms, not really the structure/anatomy of his body. The lines on the hood of his petals seem to remind me of the wounds and scratches of living events (what the heck?).

It's always scarred and deep.

The scratch was saved by the smooth and beautiful top surface of the mushroom. It's like there's no segments behind it.

Without turning his back, one wouldn't see a sharp scratch on his lower limbs.
Although it looks sturdy from the outside, the fungus is actually very fragile.

If we look at the trunk members, at first glance the color is as solid as the trunk of the tree. But try to hold and squeeze, the rod is very ringkih and easily broken.

Almost as much as a human, no matter how many cuts and scratches he gets, he seeks to cover up with his outer appearance.
Benefits of consuming mushrooms 

For immunity. Mushrooms have antioxidant content that can protect the immune system. There is even a study that shitake mushroom extract is used to increase the endurance of the body, due to infections from bacteria and viruses. 
Mushrooms have a content of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. No wonder this body is well consumed even for the middle of the diet. 
Inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Mushrooms have high antioxidants that are able to ward off free radicals. Although fungi cannot kill cancer cells, they are able to increase immunity. Beta-glucan in fungi is often used for radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments.
Lowers the percentage of high cholesterol.  the percentage of eritadenin and chitosan in mushrooms is able to support lowering cholesterol.

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