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"What is graphic design?" That's the question that remains asked of me when i'm with a friend, nyokap, om, aunt, etc. And almost every question I keep answering: "That's what makes brochure design, logo design, calendar design, company profile design and more. And in theory, graphic design is distinguished into several categories:

 1.Printing containing the design of books, magazines, posters, booklets, leaflets,   flyers, pamphlets, calendar designs, advertising, and other similar publications

2.Web Design: design for web pages
3.Movies counted CDs, DVDs, multimedia CDs for promotion
4.Identification, Branding ( Logo Design), EGD (Environmental Graphic Design) : is a professional design that includes graphic design, architect design, industrial design, and garden architect
It's actually not wrong anyway, but graphic design does more broadly come from it. Graphic design is a cross-late science that can be the solution in the case of everyday life. What does that mean?

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Have you ever seen a no-smoking, no-go, right-hand-turn, and so on, and so on?
It is a member derived from graphic design or so-called signage. Through signage, a system is created that forms human habits or formalities in the mobilization of daily activities. The following systems are created because they are sustainable. That's how big the effect comes from graphic design. I agree with David B. Berman who explained that not only does it make a good design, but does good and has integrity.

I myself strive to have the following integrity and seek to raise the standards that are within me. The standards I mean relate to that integrity. I have an idealism not to accept clients coming from the field of cigarettes or something like that, because I have the view that if I make cigarette ads (even though cigarette ads don't currently show people smoking anymore), I can get people to buy them.

Graphic designers play a big role in shaping human perception. For example, people who were "ordinary aja", able to be consumptive because of the effect of advertising in a design. I ask that at some point indonesian graphic designers be able to be a solution and give effect to the problem that exists like the next congestion cross, and do not care about commercial only for personal purposes.

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thus, and we make this design, with a dynamic color suitable for your business logo good luck always

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