cartoon illustration grape

cartoon illustration grape

cartoon illustration grape
cartoon illustration grape

It's Oblong, It's a Sweet, Fresh 'Moon Drop' Wine

Grape grains are mostly round, but moon drop wines are different. The shape is oblong along with a special fresh sweetness.

This 'moon drop' wine is on the market. Its unique shape becomes a target. This wine can be oval because wine growers give this 'special' treatment to this 'moon drop' wine.

Quoted from Taste of Home (11/10), Jack Pandol and Jim Beagle from grapery plantations in the United States said, "We do not harvest whole grapes at once. Instead we harvest each field together carefully in a different fit, then choose only the best and fully cooked wine, which also has an absolute flavor."

Not only does it manage 'moon drop' vineyards, but Pandol and Beagle also produce new wine flavours such as cotton candy, gum drops and flavour pops.

The 'moon drop' wine has an oblong form along with a dark purple color tending to black. This type of wine has a crunchy texture if bitten. It's sweet and juicy. It is suitable if eaten together with cheese. This 'moon drop' wine appears seasonally.

Usually moon drop wine is harvested in August to November. Wine is widely available in major supermarkets in the United States. In Indonesia, it is also sold in more than one premium supermarket and fruit shop.

How to enjoy this 'moon drop' wine can be eaten immediately or cooked. If cooked, the wine can be baked along with salt or lemon and can also be cooked together with a stir-fry of bitter vegetables or Brussels sprouts.

this moon drop will last up to a week when stored in the refrigerator. The wine can also be frozen for long-term use and the taste will not go away. Not only does it taste good, this 'moon drop' wine also contains nutrients that are good for health. For example, antioxidants, flavonoids, manganese, and vitamins A, C, as well as K. 

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