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10 free illustration provider sites that can be used for your project
Illustrations become an integral part of graphic design. It feels like now to be from a design for digital purposes like a website, an app, to a print design almost entirely using illustrations.

For those of you who want to use illustrations for the benefit of your project, we have summarized 7 free illustration provider sites that can be used for your project:

1. Ouch!
The folks at Icons8 created Ouch! that offers beautiful product illustrations for your project needs. There are various styles of illustrations, you are able to select and wear your matching design style.

Free: PNG files for special and commercial use. Attribution required.
For purchase: The original vector source file for all illustrations.

2. Absurd

Absurd is a project launched by Dribbbler Diana Valeanu. The illustrations are too good if you're looking for a hand-drawn, black and white look. Adequately calculated abstract illustrations that are meaningfully able to be interpreted and used for various messages that you want to communicate visually.

Free: 11 illustrations in PNG format. Attribution required.
For purchase: Unlimited vector illustrations (SVG format) for special and commercial use. No attribution required. Includes color version.

3. Stubborn

Stubborn is a generator illustration created by Craftwork. With stubborn, you are able to trigger cii-traits and special scenes using ready-made elements to mix and match. It's very light to be creative and illustrates scenes that are primed for your project needs.

Free: Extensive selection of vector graphics (compatible with Figma and Sketch) to combine and fit as you like.
For purchase: Unlimited access to thousands of vector illustrations and other high quality UI/UX kits.

4. Whoosh

Looking for more than one overly colorful flat style illustration? Whoosh offers this type of illustration for many different product designs – e-commerce, delivery services, social platforms, and more. You are able to thank the people at LSTORE for this handy design resource!

Free: Unlimited PNG downloads. Attribution required.
For purchase: Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD files for special and commercial use – no attribution required.

5. DrawKit

James Daly built DrawKit as a service to help designers and startup owners quickly design their projects. The site gives you access to over 50 free illustrations in two separate styles. And if you like James's work, you'll be able to subscribe to one of his premium plans.

All files are under MIT license (great for special and commercial needs), and you're able to download svg and PNG files that are entirely editable. Lots of categories to choose from, too!

6. Humaaans

Humaaans is a free library of illustrations by Pablo Stanley. But unlike most illustration libraries, this library specifically offers fully customizable human illustrations!

The best part is that there are tons of assets to mix so you can trigger almost any human being you dream of. Designers have complete control over the illustrations of combining different body parts, positions, colors, clothing, hair styles, and moreover more than one background scene.

License: This resource is 100% free for special and commercial use. Attribution required!

7. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is an amazing illustration resource and has more than one unique quality.

You can choose the default color before downloading the free illustration, and you are able to download the full SVG format file.

The following license implies that ManyPixel images are free to use at any step imaginable. The only limitation is that you can't recompile files and sell them elsewhere.


IRA Design is very likely that you trigger a special illustration using a pre-built component. Each component has five different gradient styles, and you can download them as SVG, AI, or PNG files.

And just to clarify, you must download the file on your pc before being able to edit it. If you see the top navigation bar, a Download button is available.  Choose whether you want SVG, PNG, or ALL files and you specify them.

9. Lukazadam

Lukazadam is a free illustration library built by Lukaz. Using flat type illustrations, you can find cheerful colorful illustrations.

A free MIT license means that you can use illustrations for special & commercial use without providing any additional attribution. The term MIT license comes from the field of software and basically means "permissive free software license". When it comes to Illustrations, this means you can use illustrations, modify them, and sell them seamlessly.

10. UnDraw

unDraw has been operating since 2017 and is managed entirely by Katerina Limpitsouni. Since launching her open-source illustration library, Katerina has designed more than 500 illustrations in any category imaginable.

Personally, what triggers UnDraw so interesting is that you get a copyright-free SVG file, and you'll be able to adjust the color of the illustration immediately from the website.

By having access to SVG files, you can edit, customize, and collect more than one illustration for a completely customizable design.