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Understanding Fashion Illustrator, and the Differences with Fashion Designers

Velodrome – Fashion anthusiast, let's be pinter and kece liat the following explanation so that you are more aware of fashion illustrator and what is the difference with fashion designers. Because it turns out that there are still a lot of salag kaprah and assume if both are the same profession.

Of course both are super creative people in the fashion industry. But what exactly distinguishes the two professions? Check out the following explanation so that you are more aware of fashion illustrator and the difference with fashion designers.

The absolute thing for you to know is that fashion illustrator is not necessarily a fashion designer. That is why there are two meanings that distinguish the profession. Fashion illustrator is closer to a fashion magazine or a publication that works on a fashion campaign, but fashion designers are centered on the system of creating a fashion, research, sartorial (tailoring and determination of materials), to the end result.

Even so, fashion illustrators don't mean artists who only visualize an existing design come from designers. Fashion illustrators work more creatively by translating a collection of designers with their own models.

Like painters, they have their own characteristics in illustrating a fashion picture.

In its development, a creative fashion illustrator not only utilizes paint and dye materials, or relies entirely on digital illustration. But that includes combining more than one more living material like flowers, trinkets, and more.

If you study fashion magazines that make use of fashion illustration in a particular fashion spread or article, you will realize how the power of an artist translates a story and mood in the work of ilustrtasi.

Inside a fashion house, creative directors sometimes include hiring a fashion illustrator as a continuation of a raw design created by the designer. They make it more lively like victoria's secret before going to the annual fashion show you can watch on Youtube.

Do you know Richard Haines? He is a men's fashion illustrator from New York, USA who recently made an impact in illustration training last February at The Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

If you look at his work you will see beautiful works in carrying the impact of men's fashion illustrations. It can be said that he has successfully brought his career into a promising job. This figure actually used to want to be a fashion designer, but his name is actually more visible as a fashion illustrator.

He has worked with big names such as Prada, J.Crew, Pennyblack, Il Palacio del Hierro, Calvin Klein, Coach, Georg Jensen, Bobbi Brown, Unionmade Goods, Barneys, and Mr. Porter. his work included appearing in publications such as Grazia, The New York Times Style Magazine, Man of the World, GQ and GQ Italy.

Well now have realized what is the difference between fashion designer and fashion illustrator, so which one are you happier?