logographic writing

logographic writing
logographic writing

logographic writing

In English-details , logogram or logograf is cii-feature-details which represent words or morphemes . Chinese characters (pronounced hanzi in English, Mandarin chinese, kanji in Japanese, hanja in English, Korean, and Hán tomb of tự in in the idioms Vietnam) most is the logogram, such as including a lot of cii traits hieroglyphs and letters spikes . The use of the logogram in the writings of so-called logografi , and writing system that is based on a logogram called logografi or system logografik.. All logografi known to have more than one component of the phonetic, mostly based on the commitment of the stew .logographic writing,

Egyptian hieroglyphs, which comes from the logogram

Alphabet and syllables are not similar logografi because they wear cii-feature-details individual to represent the sound directly. Such a character called fonogram in linguistics . Not like a logogram, fonogram don't have the meaning of which is attached. Writing language along with this step called writing phonemic or writing ortografis .

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System logografis

System logografis include writing systems of the earliest ; civilization history first in the Near East, Africa, China, and Central America use more than one form of writing logografis.

A pure script logographic would be impractical for a lot bhs other, and unknown. [ All scripts logografi who never used to speak naturally related to the commitment to boil to expand the set of logogram relatively limited: a Subset cii traits used to value fonetiknya, either consonants or syllables. The term logosyllabary is used to prioritize the cii-characteristic phonetic is from one of these scripts when the domain of phonetics is the syllable. Both in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and in mandarin Chinese, there have been additional growth of determinatif, which are combined together with the logogram to narrow down can be just its meaning. In mandarin Chinese, they are combined together with the elements logografik used phonetically; cii-feature "radical and phonetic" as it was forming more than one great script. Both bhs lower use of active boiled to spelling sentence foreign and dialectical.logographic writing

Writing systems logografis include:

Script logokonsonantal

These are scripts in which the graphemes that can be extended phonetically according together with the consonants of the word it represents, forget about the vocals. For example such as Egypt

G38digunakan to write sȝ 'duck' and sȝ 'son', though it could have been this sentence is not pronounced similar if the root consonants carry. A prime example script logoconsonantal is:

Hieroglyphics , hieratik , and demotic : Ancient Egypt

Script logo syllables

These are scripts in which the graphemes representing the morpheme, often morpheme polysyllabic much, but when extended phonetically representing one syllable. They include:

Hieroglyphs Anatolia : Luwian

Cuneiform : Sumerian , Akkadian , bhs Semitic other , Elamite , Hittite , Luwian , Hurrian , and Urartian

The glyphs of the Maya : Chorti , Yucatec , and idioms Classic Maya other

The Character Of Han Chinese , Korean , Japanese , Vietnamese , Zhuang

Derivative cii-hallmark Han:

Chữ nm : Vietnam

Script Dongba written along with the script Geba : the Language of Naxi (Dongba itself is a pictographic )

Script Jurchen : The Jurchens

Script great Khitan : the Khitan

Sawndip : bhs Zhuang

Script Shui : Language Shui

Script Tangut : Tangut

Yi (classic): a wide bhs Yi

None of the system is pure logografis. This is able to are illustrated along with the idioms of China. Not all cii-Chinese traits represent morphemes: more than one morpheme consists of more than one character. For example, the Chinese word for spider, zhīzhū , contrived along with blends rebus zhīzhū (literally "know cinnabar") together with the "bug" determinatif. Better * zhī and * zhū not able to be used separately in the idioms spoken Chinese simplified (except to stand in forsebagai basic words, if the mean of spider silk). In the bhs Ancient China, people are able to find the opposite: the cii-traits that represent more than one morpheme. An example is the English Chinese Kunohjwangs (means "to declare themselves as the kings"), the combined morpheme hjwang which means the king (incidentally including ditulis) and the suffix is pronounced /s/. (The following suffixes preserved in the sound of the fall of modern.) In the bhs Mandarin modern, syllables bimorphemic always written with two characters, misalnya Hour of 'flower .

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System logogram typical developed in the script Pahlavi (developed from bhs Aramaic alphabet ) used to write English, Middle Persian along more than one large period of Sassanid ; logogram consists of the letters that spell the word in English Aram but pronounced as in English, Persian (for example, the combined mlk will be pronounced "shah"). Logograms is called hozwārishn (a form of heterograms ), which are distributed along with similar once after the Arab conquest of Persia and the adoption of a variant of the Arabic alphabet .

Logogram used in the abbreviation to modern to represent common sentences.

The dimensions of the semantic and phonetic

More information: Determinatif

All systems logografi historically include the dimensions of the phonetic, because it is not practical to have cii-basic traits that separate for every word or morpheme in a language. [a] In more than one cases, such as cuneiform as it is used for Akkadian, more than one large glyph used for the value of his voice than logografis. Many systems logografik including have the components of a semantic/ideographic, which is called "determinatif" in the issue of Egyptian and "radicals" in the issue of China.

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A typical use of the Egyptians is to raise the logogram, which may potentially represent more than one word together with a pronunciation that is different, along with a determinate to narrow down the meaning, and the components of the phonetic to determine the pronunciation. In the issue bhs Chinese, more than one large cii traits are combined always of the radical stating the category of nominal, equipped phonetic for mengimbuhkan description regarding pronunciation. The system of the Maya wear logogram along with a complement of phonetics such as Egypt, while they do not have components ideographic.

Chinese characters

Main article: classification of cii-Chinese traits

Scholars of the Chinese traditionally classify cii-Chinese traits ( hànz ) so six models based on etymology.


The first two models is the "single body", which means that the cii-traits that contrived in a stand-alone from cii-another hallmark. Pictograms and ideograms "one body" was a more than a little of the logogram China. More productive for the Chinese characters are the two methods of "compound", i.e. cii traits contrived from the assembly of the cii-different traits. Although the so-called "combined", logogram is still in the form of cii-feature single, and written to occupy the amount of area that looks like a logogram other. The last two models is the method in the use of cii-feature rather than the formation of cii-feature itself.logographic writing,