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Coffee shop is a business area is promising, the development of Coffee
shop in Indonesia already beat the development of the mushrooms in the rainy season.
Not only in big cities, small towns, though I have a lot of
once the coffee outlets mushrooming even have standard and the market is different. Indonesia is a mistaken one of the coffee producing countries in the world.
On this fitting the emergence of the trend of hanging out at the Coffee shop is really popular in the
various circles.cafee time hipster vintage stylized,

At first, drinking coffee already become a habit of the people of Indonesia
since the time immemorial. This is because Indonesia is a mistaken one producer of coffee beans
the best in the world. Some of the areas famous along with the process of the coffee beans
is Aceh, Lampung, Medan, Java, Ternate, Sulawesi, and Flores. Even for
European society of ancient times, to eat steeping the coffee they slurp
more familiarly called java. In Indonesia, the life coffee lovers almost no view
the age of the so derived from teens to adults, especially the elderly, so as not to
countless. For them, coffee is consumed daily and is

part of the food and beverage a day-to-day. Word cafe (in the meaning of the coffee shop)
comes originally from the French, Cafe, which also means coffee. The cafe which was originally
always at the roadside and simple, now, get in the building of the hotel
star or the mall, along with a variety of names. One of them is the Coffee shop
Two cafee time hipster vintage stylized,

which today is practically sell food weight also, but also to serve the guests
order drinks and small meals.
The researchers concluded understanding of the Coffee shop is the area of the
provides various types of coffee and non-alcoholic beverages other in the
a relaxed atmosphere, a comfortable, and coupled together with the strains of the music, the better
via the player or any live music, providing television and reading, design
typical interior, the service friendly, and more than one of which provides
wireless internet connection. Coffe shop also fitting this not only for the area to
enjoy the coffee but it could be the area to perform tasks, become a
a place for pictures, area to meet together with a friend of work, and a to
watch the music event like a concert.
. But since the end of the 1990s, coffee so again in demand. It is characte

cafee time hipster vintage stylized lettering .vektor illustration,simple 
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