hello gaes how is it, hopefully you are always healthy, this time we will introduce a design that is in the form of water brush t-shirt design, namely a flow of coloring techniques on textiles, especially on t-shirts and other types, and water brush art techniques have developed quite long gaes, formerly water art brush is quite popular among the automotive world, variations with a variety of styles , starting from potrait, naminimalis, graphics and so on, and now we apply it in textile materials, and images can be ordered according to taste gaes, for further ifo please contact in the comments field yes or in the phone number, 081391595939

but we are aware gaes that this job is at risk for it for the hard-made water brushers please see the tips below yes 


along with the development of the world of fashion water brush on the shirt becomes an exclusive choice, because in making units, and remain fasionable

Airbrush Time Safety Tips

Airbrush work requires thoroughness and patience of the process of airbrush painting to get maximum results, so that it is not uncommon for brushers to work on their work for hours and even time in member detail. Because this work is about chemicals that are very risky for our fitness. Therefore, it is well available that we observe work safety to keep the impact away from these chemicals, such as thiner steam or paint inhaled by the nose.

Besides, the work requires us to struggle with the world of paint and thiner every day, but it would be nice if we put forward including our fitness, because over time our body can not avoid these chemical substances, especially our lungs that continuously inhale the smell of thiner and paint. Here I want to remind my fellow brushers especially those who are new to the study or new to the world of airbrush art to always wear a mask while working. And try to work in an open room so that the circulation of air flows freely. Because the process of painting airbrush takes a short time. For masks try to wear a mask that uses a drug filter so that the smell of thiner and paint is not inhaled by the nose.

Because my experience of the beginning of airbrush studies does not wear a mask, because it feels complicated and uncomfortable. Finally I was clear after there was a friend who was sick due to frequent inhalation of the smell of paint against the time of doing painting work rarely wear a mask. Besides we track the living to meet the interests of the family, we include having to take care of our own fitness so that we can always continue the work that the use meets the interests of our family from the work we are involved in. Indeed all jobs are available risks, but if we try to always maintain security in the work surely we can avoid the impact of the work.

Such are the few tips to take care of us from the harmful effects of inhaling the smell of chemicals that can harm our own fitness. Because if we get sick we can't do the job anymore and can't provide for our families. But if we always put together the security of our work time we can survive to produce works that can be enjoyed by everyone. Moreover, airbrush is a painting technique that is rarely mastered by everyone. Because airbrush techniques are quite complicated and need high patience and good tool mastery.