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"Get A Professional Logo Design For Just $149 NOW!"

Logo design requires an imaginative graphic design service utilizing suggestive imagery through the visual presentation of words, symbols, colors, and shapes. It creates a more professional image, regardless of company size, and increases consumer awareness of your products and services.

Let us learn something from the big boys. If they use logos for their image branding, we should too. If you currently do not have a logo to fit your company needs we are able to assist you in designing a well designed professional logo. Or if the logo you have isn't doing it's job then just maybe it is time for a performance review.

Click here to view our online samples gallery.

Over 150 logo design available for you to see!

Let us create you your Logo at an amazing promotional debut price of $149. Hurry! This price would not stay long. For just $149, you'll get...

Unlimited alterations of your logo until you are 100% satisfied!

A high quality professionally designed Logo. Your logo will be designed by designers with years of experience in the print and web industry. This is to ensure the quality standard of your logo is at the best! The main copy of the logo will be in a high resolution JPEG (300dpi).

2 Print ready formats! You will get your logos in a high resolution JPEG 300dpi RGB and a high resolution JPEG 300dpi CMYK

6 copies of your logo in GIF format and GIF transparent at 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) so you could straight away use it on your current web site or e-mail. Save time from resizing them! (These will be compressed for faster download on the web).You'll be able to match transparent GIF with any background.

1 copy of your logo in an editable PNG format (original file) for alterations! 

Fast 3 days turnaround time

"But wait... there's more!"


$50 in value! 

FREE #1 Business Card & Letterhead design for professional printing- Valued at $50!


$10 in value!

Once your logo, business card & letterhead design are ready, we will e-mail you all the files so you can use them immediately! On top of that...

...we will also send to you all the files on a CD ROM at NO COST! As soon as your files are ready, we will make a copy of it on a CD ROM and mail it to you. Your files on a CD can be very useful as you can bring them to the printing company for printing or, keep them safe in case, you need a backup copy in the future! We will also keep your logo in our backup system forever so you can retrieve it from us anytime.

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FREE #2 All of your files on a CD delivered to your door- Valued at $10! 


Unlimited $$$ savings !

A life time membership which entitles you to a 20% discount on any of our design services. This includes- future Logos, Banner Designs, e-Book Covers, Web Design, Flash Design and any other design work at all! We value your return business, thus, would like to "give back" in the form of great savings.

FREE #3 Lifetime membership- 20% discount on future purchases- Unlimited $$$ savings! 

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