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A web standards-based website quality graphic design company separates the look of your graphic design company's web pages from your site's written content. It discusses the negative points about non-standard graphic design company sites mentioned above. By separating styles from content, the site of a standard-based graphic design company allows people to use screen readers, mobile phones, PDAs, and other web browsing methods to be able to navigate your graphic design company's site. The device has difficulty displaying table-based layouts and large images so non-standard graphic design company sites are largely unusable. In the second generation of the web there are a wider variety of platforms than ever before. Using the graphic design company's web standards is the only way to ensure a high level of uniformity across multiple platforms with your site. If your graphic design company's site is inaccessible then your message is restricted to certain customers, it doesn't take a genius to know that this isn't good in the business of graphic design companies.

A potential drawback to a standard graphic design company's website being appropriate is that some site add-ins such as certain bulletin boards, calendars, and other dynamic content may not be written in a manner that conforms to the standards of graphic design companies. This becomes a problem when the add-in content is the only one that exactly matches your functional requirements. Sometimes in this scenario it may be necessary to leave the graphic design company full compliance standards on the page where your dynamic content that does not meet the standards is required and migrate the graphic design company page after the developer adopts the standard.

The positive side of a web standard-based graphic design company's site is that maintenance becomes easier, which means your site can be more easily changed. Because styles are handled by external Style Sheets (CSS) it is possible to change the graphic design company's entire site color scheme by changing some key values. Also, since there is no style information in HTML it is much neater and greatly reduced in size making it easier to read and change. Smaller file sizes mean that graphic design company pages load quickly (providing a better experience for customers on slow connections), consuming less bandwidth (reducing hosting costs to your graphic design company's business).

The ultimate benefit of a well-built, standard-based graphic design company's website is that as well as being accessible to your customers, it will often also be more accessible to search engines. Websites of graphic design companies that are not poorly accessible can often mean that some of the relevance of your text is misinterpreted by search engines. This means you can lose out on the search engine list. By having a cleanly structured graphic design company's web standard website, you help ensure that your site (and its keywords) are properly represented in search engines and considered more relevant than non-standard graphic design company sites in your industry.

The clear conclusion to this article is that web standards graphic design companies bring tangible benefits to the business of graphic design companies. While finding a design company that will build a site that adheres to standards is harder than just finding a web designer, the benefits speak for themselves. By moving to a website based on business standards graphic design companies can ensure they have an accessible graphic design company site that can be maintained and proof of the future. Increased customer exposure and search engine excellence can all increase the level of graphic design companies that come to you through your website. Web standards are the future of the internet and to ignore them could make your graphic design company follow in the footsteps behind online competition.