Graphic Design Career


Graphic Design Career
Graphic Design Career

Graphic Design Career

Creative Director

Let's start from the top and work it down. The art director, or Creative Director is responsible for the creative team that can design works for magazines, television, advertising graphics, websites, or on packaging. The creative team can consist of layout artists, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, and menial staff to do the work. The job of the Art director is to ensure that each of these workers does not slacken into the pub and finish their work until the deadline and needs of the client. Art directors also make great hissing along the lines of having to background into slate gray or cobalt blue, dispensing dictation and changing their minds a few days after the deadline has passed – leaving coworkers firmly moody about their positions in the grand scheme of things. Art directors will definitely come from some sort of marketing or sales background and don't need any prior knowledge or graphic design skills.

Creative Graphic Design Company

Graphic Design Consulting specializing in Logo Design, Branding, Design for Print, Packaging Design, Advertising Graphics, Graphic Display Exhibitions and Website Design.

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Senior Designer

A Senior Designer is mainly concerned with the visual aspects of the company and will probably be promoted on the basis that he is fun and a 'great team player' (although this is far from the case). A Senior Designer would normally insist on having a bigger widescreen monitor than any other team that would be decorated variously with fluffy pink bits that marketing people send every day. A Senior Designer will engage in corporate display elements such as business cards, stationery, packaging design, media advertising graphics, promotional designs, and sticking out topless 'hunk' images.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer's job is to provide a new and engaging way to express key company or product information through dynamic images or the use of typography. Graphic Designers take scan information given to them by clients and use the internet to cut out some free clip art, tearing up their own fashion logo designs to escape clients for all they deserve.

Artists and Layout Artwork

The engine room of the design world. These bastards have been buried with their dusty macs for decades, with no regrets about removing the pages and layouts. Inevitably some clueless muppet will send you a 100-page brochure located in microsoft word and it will be the selfless task of the Artworkers to make it unpublishable. They have to recognize fonts at 50 meters, can color the driest pictures and take good crap every now and again to keep them on their toes. The Artworker should have the ability to design magazines, design brochures, design flyers, design books and design posters. He's hiding a murder fantasy.


Illustrators generally speak will have long graying hair and be influenced by prog rock. Working from home among the dungeons and dragonn sculptures and manga comics they will attempt to put their own unique spin on whatever brief they are given. What you will be presented with is a semi dressed girl with big. You'll wait a few weeks for this. You'll never learn from mistakes before.

Web Designer

Web designers create pages, layouts, and graphics for web pages, they will be technically minded to the point of absurdity. They will insist on using c++ coding language to impress other geeks and will beaver doing whatever geeks do for hours. Web designers also design and develop site navigation tools that will for website design involve small text that makes your eyes bleed. Web designers are too smart for their own good and should not be encouraged.

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