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There are many company logo design agencies that say there is no need for small businesses to spend a fortune on company logo design marketing. This is totally true, but what money a small company logo design business does have to advertise should be spent wisely and not just thrown at an company logo design agency that might end up failing to deliver. There are far cheaper and more effective ways to get a company logo design business on the map.

A company logo design website is essential to any business these days and will certainly be an asset. However, your company logo design site will be one amongst many millions of others and will not be of immediate use due to the nature of search engines and the way the Internet works in general; therefore you will need to look to other methods.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is not to run before you can walk.

Start small, start local. Unless you already have company logo design contracts from further afield, there is no point in casting nationwide for company logo design business when a vast amount is already likely to be on your doorstep.

Depending on what type of company logo design business you run, leaflets and flyers to other company logo design businesses or homes are a good way to get yourself known.

Always carry a company logo design business card with you they are invaluable, you never know when you are going to meet someone who wants printed contact details – hey presto! - Instant company logo design advertising.

If you have access to a computer, join an online company logo design business forum. These are an excellent source of information help and advice from people in the same situation as you. Even those in the same line of company logo design business as yourself will usually be happy to offer their help – don’t be afraid to take it, you can always return the favour.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for practical sound advice on any aspect of company logo design business. They are there to help and are extremely knowledgeable and friendly people.

Business breakfast clubs are normally held once a week in most towns and cities and are another rich source of company logo design information and a great place to make contacts, again, don’t forget to take your company logo design business cards with you.

The methods I have mentioned are by no means the only ways to market on a budget and have no doubt been written about before, and although they take lots of effort and are very time-consuming, they do produce results.

New and small company logo design business owners can often be the most innovative and creative marketers there are. They don’t have the huge company logo design budgets of the corporate giants; they don’t have large teams of creative designers, advertising executives, brainstorming committees, PR agencies or even a tea person! However, enterprising cash-strapped company logo design individuals are constantly striving to invent novel and cheaper methods of marketing their company logo design businesses, often with varying degrees of success. What must be reiterated though is that marketing and advertising need not cost a fortune, but can still be very effective depending on how you approach it.