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When we operate a computer device, this device is never absent because it is an important part to support the operation of the computer as a whole.

Yes. This device is a mouse. This mouse is very useful when we operate our computer because of the main function of the mouse which is a pointing device.

Understanding The Mouse

Mouse is one of the computer hardware that accepts inputs in the form of movement, button pressure (click), and scrolling that can be used to select text, icons, files, and folders. Mouse in Indonesian translates as "mouse". It is said that because the shape of this device resembles a small mouse tapering in front and a large bulging at the back.

History of the Mouse

The mouse itself has been through a very rapid development from year to year. A few years ago in terms of its shape, this device has a monotonous shape. But now if we hunt in computer stores both online and in computer stores, we will find a lot of variations in the shape of the mouse.

Mouse Functions

As explained above, the mouse has the main function as a pointing device, namely to move the pointer on the monitor screen both personal computer (PC) and laptop. But in addition to these functions, if we look further it turns out that this mouse has many uses that we often do not realize. Here are some mouse functions you need to know:

1. To execute a program

The mouse has an important role to play in this. We will very often use the mouse to open files or run programs. In general, a file or program can be opened and run by doing a double click.

2. To select an object

Choosing is an activity that we cannot avoid in the computer world. Start from selecting files, folders, even words in writing programs like Microsoft Word. By using the mouse we can make choices as desired.

3. Do drag and drop

By using the mouse we often drag and drop on items inside our computer, ranging from move, cut, to copy operations. With the support of this ability through the mouse, it makes it easier for us to perform such simple operations.

4. Get information via hover mouse

Hover is the state where our pointer is on a specific menu, file, or folder. When the pointer is in hover condition, then we will see an information displayed. This information is referred to as tooltips. This function is very useful for us to immediately find out if the function of the item that we will click. Maybe you're less attentive with this one feature. So when you operate your computer or laptop, try to do an exploration of this hover feature.

5. Perform scroll operations etc.

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