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Illustration Is – Understanding, Techniques, Elements, Examples And Images – The initial sense of illustration originally came from the Latin "Illustrare" which means to explain or explain. The definition of illustration is an image that has uses and characteristics to describe an event. Dutch refers to illustration along with the term "Ilustratie" which means as a decoration along with an image or the making of something clear.

Illustration Is

Illustrations including can be said to come from the word illusion. The definition of illustration is able to give the meaning of illusion as a description of a wishful thinking that resembles a mere decoration. This is an introduction or complement to a goal that is able to support a person so that it is faster and easier to know a purpose presented by the illustration.

Illustrated drawings are a 2-dimensional work of art that has the purpose of clarifying an understanding. The definition of illustration is visualization derived from a writing that uses drawing techniques, painting, photography, or together with other similar techniques that have to do with the subject and writing in question.

Definition of Illustration

The definition of illustration is a visual form derived from words or text. Illustration has the purpose to clarify text or words especially for children who are not able to read. By depicting the scene of a story, the image is generally able to explain the characteristics or the whole filling of the story. The existence of illustrations including serves to attract readers so interested in reading. For more details, that's the definition of illustration according to experts.