graphic design logo cow gold


graphic design logo cow gold
graphic design logo cow gold
graphic design logo cow gold

The year 2021 is the year with the metal buffalo according to the Chinese calendar. Positively, as the symbol implies, buffalo means prosperity and hard work in supporting farmers farming in rice fields. However, it turns out that there is a negative facet behind the year of logan buffalo that must be watched.

Fengshui expert Xiangyi Hong explains the year of the metal buffalo or golden buffalo carries the philosophy that gold or metal is capable of being submerged in the mud. Because buffalo are the same as animals that live in mud.

"Imagine putting gold or metal in the mud, of course drowning in the mud. Well there is a dark thing above, but there is a glimmer of hope in it,

But if observed in terms of negativity, the meaning of philosophy includes being able to prove there is something covered up, pretend, and false. So he hopes anyone is wary of anyone else in this year's logan buffalo.

"It can be seen, meaning that even though it looks gray, there is no hope. Don't despair, there's something worth it. Then the year was a year full of pretense. As if it looks good, just being able to turn out isn't good enough," he said.

"So do not believe when others praise us great, able so there is pretense or falsehood. Then when people complain, being able to be actually not like that. Be careful," he added.

The year of the metal buffalo, he said, is good for anyone hoping to work in the water sector. But according to him there are still some events that are not exciting enough like natural disasters, floods, to landslides.

"Whatever it is just has an impact we try to be mindful, so that more calculations in the step," 
it all depends on the god who chooses  

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