illustration graphic design

illustration graphic design

illustration graphic design

illustration graphic design
Well, animation. A lot of people who used to be just a hobby are now getting into it. Animation schools are popping up and competing to be the best. In addition to the film has been loved since it was fitting and attracting people, his work as an animator is considered to be in the eye. Just like Illustrator who is familiar with design design, many softwares are familiar with 3D animation. Want to know what are some 3D animation software that is widely used by animators? Here's the list.

1. Autodesk Maya

Maya is an Autodesk software. It is very good to use for you to create and model. Maya is calculated to have a simulation tool that makes it easier for its users. Surely many people use it for VFX animation because of its advantages. How not, by giving more than one bone and wearing rigging techniques, Maya is able to make the character that we make move. Psst, this software is a bestseller among hollywood animators.

2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

Literally 3Ds max is an older brother from Maya and is both an Autodesk output. In more than one hand, this more complicated software comes from Maya. However, it is adequately lightly used in script mode for games, so that 3Ds max is generally used to create games.

3. Blender

Blender is not a true one 3D graphics application coming from the most reputable open source in the world. But make no mistake, although the free quality blender is no less competitive loh. It is a software that allows the creation of a lot of 2D and 3D content, so it comes from modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing. Unfortunately, this animation software is a little difficult to use.

4. Cinema 4D

This is the recommended software for beginners. Because Cinema is not as complicated as 3Ds max and Maya, and does not need high computer specifications. However, the results obtained are always just as good as other 3D software.

5. Posser

It is 3D software used only for modeling human characters. The results shown are too good and more realistic than others. Very lightly calculated to use.

6. Zbrush

Is a software that is only used for 3D modeling, texturing, and chiseling. It's great to use to create monsters or characters from your imagination. You are calculated to be able to export 3D types from other software to provide additional bones with rigging techniques and move them.

7. Autodesk Mudbox

This software brings the same functionality as Zbrush it's just harder to use. But the resulting quality is too good. Usually used for high-level 3D character modeling.

8. Carrara

Is a 3D DAZ output software. Unlike the others, this software is used to create simulations. Like floods, car accidents, fire explosions, and more. Carrara is calculated to be able to compose between simulation animation and real recording.  

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