illustration art definition

 illustration art definition

illustration art definition
illustration art definition

 maybe for the layman the problem of logos is not so much a problem about images that seem simple, but for those who understand the meaning of a logo is certainly very different in terms of interpreting the logo.

logo is an imagination of graphic works that are designed by graphic artists, to describe something he likes, or indeed there are third parties who want a symbol to be made an image or symbol that is easy to remember for his efforts,

which could be a simple, complicated, or medium image, which represents, the wishes of his client 

as a business symbol of course 

and certainly have many meanings contained in it, can be numbers, grfis, letters etc.

happy to interpret the logo according to your precepts 

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if interested please you look for the reference in www.nardidesigns.com

or visit the portfolio at shutterstock https://www.shutterstock.com/g/nardidesign?rid=256726042
or want another design please contact nardidesigns0@gmail.com
or if you want another design, with another format please fill in the comments field


find out more in a good reading book reference 

Art of Color and Design Paperback – August 12, 2019

character design art book



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