logo design idea

 logo design idea

logo design idea
logo design idea

A mask is an object worn on the face. Usually masks are used to accompany regional art music. Masks in the art area are mostly to uphold the deity or clarify the character in accompanying the art. There are various forms of masks that depict angry characters, some depict softly, and some depict wisdom.

Masks have become one of the oldest forms of expression that human civilization once created. In more than one great society of the world, masks hold absolute usability in the multifaceted facet of life that holds magical and sacred values. This is due to the use of large masks as certain symbols in various ceremonies and the busyness of a noble routine.

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The life of modern society today places the mask as one of the high art forms. Not only because of its aesthetic beauty, but the mystery side that is stored against the look of the mask face can always radiating magical abilities that are difficult to explain.

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