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United Kingdom.

Like other sovereign nations, the United Kingdom has its own national flag. The Flag of Great Britain is classified as a unique flag because it was originally a combination of 3 different flags. What kind of flag is that? To find out, visitors can see it in the next segment of this article. In addition to the Flag of the United Kingdom, this article is calculated to peel the flag from the member states that make up the United Kingdom.
The island nation consists of a combination of 4 different member states. The national flag of the United Kingdom is known as the Union Jack / Union Flag. The flag displays a blue background color alongside an image of 8 white lines in which each member of the tip touches each other in the middle. Then in the field of white and white lines, contained red lines along with similar positions. The diagonal part comes from a red line that looks disconnected because it does not access along with other red lines.

The Union Jack (UJ) flag has such an appearance because it is the result of a combination of 3 flags of member states that make up the United Kingdom: the flag of the Cross of Saint George (England), the flag of the Cross of Saint Andrew (Scotland), and the flag of the Cross of Saint Patrick (Northern Ireland). The Flag of Wales was not included in the design of the UJ flag due to the time the UJ flag was created, Wales remained a member of the United Kingdom.

The name "Union" against this flag is known to refer to the fact that this flag is a flag of the United Kingdom. While the name "Jack" was a commonly used name against that time to refer to the small flag that was hoisted against the mast. Coincidentally, when it was first unveiled in 1606, the UJ flag was originally only allowed to be flown by British ships. It was not until 1908 that UJ was considered the national flag of Great Britain.
Although the UJ flag has been available since 1606, the UJ flag along with the design as we see it is only available in 1801. Before 1801, the UJ flag had the same design as the current version of the UJ flag, but without the red stripes without its diagonal members. This itself took place because before 1801, the Flag of Northern Ireland was not included in the composition of the UJ flag.

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It should be noted that the diagonal red stripes inside the UJ flag are not right in the middle, but rather slightly stifle. The diagonal line of the upper left & lower left is closer along with the lower side of the white line that is the background. While against the upper right diagonal line & bottom right, the position of the two is closer together with the upper side of the white line.

The difference in position to the next red diagonal lines after that becomes the benchmark to choose whether the middle UJ flag is hoisted in a normal position or in an inverted position. Under normal circumstances or in state occasions, the UJ flag is hoisted in a normal position alongside the position of the red diagonal stripes as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
The UJ flag has just been hoisted in reverse if the flag bearer is in a state of emergency. For example, when he was on board & his ship was in a critical condition. But outside the state of emergency, the UJ kudu flag is hoisted in a normal position. If the UJ flag is hoisted in reverse position when it is not in a state of emergency, the next thing can be considered a form of contempt for the British state.

It's alluded to in the first paragraph if England had much overseas territory, if the Falkland Islands. To declare the status of the next area as a member comes from the United Kingdom, daera-overseas areas of England also inserted the UJ emblem against the flag of the region. Sovereign nations such as Australia & New Zealand are counted as inserting UJs in their national flags because they recognise Britain as their ancestral country.

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