design logo t shirt biautiful women

 design logo t shirt biautiful women

design logo t shirt biautiful women
design logo t shirt biautiful women

Silhouettes are images of humans, animals, landscapes, or other objects in a solid form and generally consist of only one color, namely black.

In photography, silhouettes are the resulting impact because there is a significant difference between the reflection of the main object's rays at the front of the image along with the background. To produce a silhouette, the light from the back of the object must be too bright then captured together measuring the luminity of the background light.

Silhouettes can also be produced together to selectively inhibit the reflection of the main object's rays.

The origin of the word

The silhouette comes from the French silhouette. This word is classified as eponymous, which is a word derived from a person's name. The word silhouette comes from the name Étienne de Silhouette, a French finance minister from the 1750s. At that time, the creation of a profile picture of people appearing next to black was popular among the nobles. Étienne de Silhouette is also not true of one authority who loves this art.

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As a finance minister, Étienne was seen as uncussed in taking care of the economy in order for the country to suffer and society to suffer. The public then staged a protest alongside all-black dressed as Étienne's profile picture, shouting silhouettes. Since then, the profile picture of the person from the side is black called alongside the silhouette. 

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