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Understanding Logo: Types, Function and Criteria of the Logo Effective
Logo is a visual identity to an entity that carries the terms of certain specific, such as the form, philosophy, and color. However, what is indeed understanding logo? And what are the benefits and also the terms of the logo is efficient to be applied?logo design,

Well, in this article we will explore the notion of logos in full and in-depth. Here is his review

Understanding Logo design

Basically, says the logo itself is absorbed from the ancient Greek language, namely the Logos that carry meaning mind, budi, said, makes sense, and also talks.

Word logo belongs to the indeed taken over from the word logotype that the prefix used to th. 1810 until th. 1840, and had the meaning of a posting name of the entity that was formed specifically along with utilizing a technique of lettering or utilize the font specific interesting.

So, against the prefix logotype is made together with the use of only one element of the posting alone. On system development, the logo was made together with more creative birthday combining some elements, such as drawings, sketches, etc.

Based on the explanation above, we can pull analysis that understanding logo is a piece of writing, sketches, or images that carry specific meaning and could represent the identity of a form of entities, such as institutions, organizations, companies, local, state, or product.Logo design,

Typically, a logo has the content of the philosophy of the specific and framework of the basic tangible concept which has the objective function of creating the nature of the self. In addition, each of the form of the logo including must bring a characteristic specific to distinguish logo that one along with the logo of the other, both in terms of form and color.

A logo that is used to describe the quality as symbolized, as the approach of the culture of the company, the placement is important, or the aspirations of the company itself.

In conclusion, understanding logo is an instrument that depicts self-esteem where all the value is able to embody the image of a good and able to be trusted.  Logo design will cause the population to recognize and remember a manifestation of the entity without the need to read a description or explanation of the subject entity.

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Type-The Type Of Logo
Based on the explanation above, the logo is divided into seven types, namely:

Letter Mark
Understanding logo letter mark or logo monogram is a type of logo that depicts the name of a company or brand along with utilizing the initials of the name of his brand. Usually, this type logo only utilize two to four letters only in accordance together with the brand, that could more easily be remembered by the public. Some examples are the logo of CNN, HP, HBO, IBM, NASA, etc.

Understanding logo wordmark almost resemble the type of logo letter mark, which together with the use of only letters alone to represent a company. The difference is, the word mark will utilize all brand names or company without abbreviated.

The type of this logo is mostly used with the exception of the company name or the name of the product is not very long, simple and also unique. Some examples are logo Facebook, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc.

Pictorial Mark
Understanding Logo pictorial mark or emblem is a logo that utilizes the icon are decorated along with a specific graphic to describe a brand. The form of a logo or icon that will remain attached and must able to represent the identity of the product or brand. Some examples are Apple logo, Nike, Twitter, etc.

Abstract Logo design
Understanding logo abstract is almost similar together with a pictorial mark, gara-gara still utilize a specific graphic. The difference is, the type of this logo brings a form of geometric random. The type of this logo, including most of the highly efficient gara-gara able to represent a business as a whole in a single image. Some examples are the logos of Pepsi, Adidas, BP, etc.

Logo design Mascot 
Understanding logo mascot is a type of logo that designed together with a trait for the sake of describing a brand or company. In general, the type of this logo have a dose of the element of the color are bright and cheerful which is rated as the mascot of the brand or company.

Logo design of this type is created for the sake of presenting tensile strength specific to children and families, for example, is the logo of the KFC along with the mascot Colonel Sanders, the Kool-Aid together with the mascot of Kool-Aid man, Alfamart along with mascot Albi si bees, etc.

Logo design Is Combination Of
Understanding logo combination is a particular type of logo that blends type logo letter mark or word mark along with the abstract, the mascot, or symbol. The text contained in this logo will mostly be combined together with good so that able to deliver a logo that impressed interesting. Some examples are the logo of Burger King, Lacoste, Doritos, etc.

Logo design Emblem
Logo emblem is a logo type that in it is contained the letters and put them in an icon or a symbol, badge, seal, and also became the nucleus of the presence of such symbols. The bias, this logo is often used by a specific institution such as a school, community, organization, automotive industry, or government agencies. Some examples are the BMW logo, Harley Davidson, Starbucks, etc.

Function Logo design
As we know, the logo have avail to describe the self-identity of an entity, the ownership, quality assurance, or to avoid the presence of imitation and piracy. However, the logo included have other benefits, namely:

1. Branding
The Logo design is the manifestation of the identity of an entity to the general population. For that, a logo is obliged to describe the characteristics of an organization or product it represents. So, eventually the population will remember and recognize a logo that represents that entity.

2. Provide Information, Surveillance, and Control
A logo have a dose of information that is to be delivered to the community. The information is made to be able to control the views or visiting the residents of a brand. Simply put, the logo will be put forward important information and impression that is in want of company of the society. So, the logo including beneficial as a supervisory and controlling the value of the company in the eyes of society.

3. Provide Motivation
A logo is included is used to convey the message stimulant to all the parties to the suit along with the target of the brand. For example, a design product to soap bath will be able to add a stimulant to the population to keep caring for a clean and healthy lifestyle.

4. Expressed Emotion
A logo is included could be used as a facility in expressing emotions. For example, a logo that is contained on the product pregnant and lactating women will depict the love of a mother towards her son.

5. Logo design For the Presentation and Promotion
Logo included very efficient to be used as the promotion and presentation. All of the information or message that you want delivered by the company to the public will be more interesting and more easy to remember along with utilizing the images and words are persuasive against a logo.

The criterion Logo the Effective
When want create logo, contained some things that must be considered so that the logo could represent an organization, most of the terms of logo efficient and better are as follows:

1. Logo design Simple
As we have previously discussed, that the logo was created to add important information to the community. For that, it is advisable to lead a logo that is simple in order to be more easily recognized and included remembered by the community.

2. Unique Logo design
Simple isn't enough, the logo including obliged to bring a unique characteristic and different along with the other logos, especially the logo is owned by the competitors. If an organization brings a logo that is similar along with other organizations who have come first, then of course it will come out weird and it will be considered unprofessional or not to bring innovation.

3. Logo design Easy To Remember
A Logo that is able to meet the terms of the unique and simple course will be more easily remembered in the community. This will help the marketing system and also raise the sales indirectly.

4. Multipurpose
A logo out, could be applied to a variety of visual media, such as invoice, stamp, acrylic, etc. That is, a logo is mandatory capable of versatile functionality and compulsory able to be put to a variety of situations without the mandatory loss of the original form.

5. Tools
A logo including compulsory able to describe what could be offered by an entity and also the value of the entity in the eyes of society, for example the Asus brand is not utilizing the laptop image on the logo, but the population able to understand that the brand is a mistaken one of the best laptop brands.

6. Durable
A Logo that is able to hold long is a logo that is able to be in accordance along with a brand from time to time. An example is the logo of KFC who does not switch since it was founded until now. logo change is indeed possible, but it will be cost and time more. In addition, the change of the logo included will cause the population confused and potentially lose customers. 

Based on the explanation above we can draw the conclusion that understanding logo is a sign, emblem, or symbol that carries a special significance and is used as the identity for an entity, such as organization, company, product, or certain agencies.

A logo is able to describe the image of an entity that will be easily recognized by the public. Logo untold has an absolute in the subject of the activity of marketing and promotion, especially return exception of the logo brings a unique design and positive.

See the logo of the company or business You already have the requirements are simple, unique, memorable, versatile, appropriate and long-lasting. If such a requirement is already met, then You stay focus on developing the company with marketing management, the management of product and financial management right.

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