illustrator design a logo wolf

 illustrator design a logo wolf 

illustrator design a logo wolf
illustrator design a logo wolf 
If cravings are strong and feared, study the lion. But if craving to be the leader that followed, study the wolves" story and philosophy, which is believed to have come out in Ancient China.

The next philosophy means in, and in fact, wolves are social animals that hold true to the principles of hierarchy and leadership. Unlike lions that can still be domesticated, wolves are wild animals that are very difficult to tame. That's why wolves aren't always available in the circus world, because wolves will only obey their pack leader.

Here are five scientific facts regarding wolves, monogamous animals that uphold hierarchical principles. Anything?

.Wolves are monogamous animals
 Facts About Wolves, Monogamous Animals and Hierarchical Principle HoldersUnsplash/Yannick Menard
There are some animals that are monogamous (faithful with one partner) until the end of their life, and it is not true that one is a wolf. Live Science on its page writes that the monogamous steps taken by wolves are not true one key to species safety in the evolutionary process.

In the world of evolution it shows that natural selection will occur for anyone who cannot fit or adapt well together in the wild. By monogamous mating steps, wolves can keep pure and strong offspring from exposure to diseases in the wild.

The monogamous way will also make it easier for the wolf's social group to adjust the mutually agreed hierarchy. Alpha wolves will be followed and made for example or role models for other wolves.
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