illustration tutorial regal eagle head

illustration tutorial regal eagle head

illustration tutorial regal eagle head
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8 Eagle Philosophies You Can Emulate

This valiant bird has a great philosophy in wading through his life

Eagles, birds that have an elegant and dashing posture, are often used as a symbol of strength and protection. Talking about the eagle is probably not far from the discussion about its greatness. 

Yes, the eagle can be said to be the king of poultry, until it is often used as a symbol of unyielding encouragement, protection, speed, power and power in the air. This bird is also often found as a symbol or emblem of the state and military organization. 

As in Indonesia, eagles were already known and used as emblems by the Kingdom of Sintang around the 13th century AD. While the emblem of the Indonesian state, the Garuda bird, is already available in ancient stories, expressed as a vehicle owned by God Vishnu, and is also recognized as a strong and formidable figure. 

In stories or myths, Garuda is often expressed in gold, white-faced, red-winged. The beak and wings are like eagles, but the body is like a human. It's so big that it can block out the sun. 

But in the real world, the bird called Garuda exists, namely the Java Eagle. It is not wrong for the leader of this nation to determine Garuda as the symbol of the country, this matter reflects the attitude of the Indonesian nation that is gallant and courageous.  

It is not without reason loh, because there are some philosophy or encouragement of life about eagles that can be used as guidelines for your life. Let's not be curious about these 8 living impulses of eagles that you can emulate:  

Always study 

Eagles are known as mighty birds capable of flying fast. However, his flying power was not immediately acquired. There's a process of study that kudu passed. Generally, a young eagle practices flying at the age of 2-3 months. 

An eagle is known as a formidable creature but its toughness is also not found as easy as turning the palm, nor along with an instant step. Eagles forever study from their mother or from the realms in which they live to know so many things that they do not yet know in life. 

Similarly, together with human beings who are given reason, of course, it is expected to have a better consciousness than other beings to be willing to learn forever. Not to outperform, to be great or to be more than others. But the study of many things that can give additional benefits to yourself and many people. 

Get out of your comfort zone 

Despite its amazing flying power, the fact is that eagles are born weak creatures that cannot fly. To overcome this, the mother eagle will scrape off all the leaves that trigger the nest comfortably and leave only sharp branches in their nest. 

Not only that, when the time comes the parents will throw the cubs out of the nest. Anxious eagles attempt to fly back into the nest and are forced to step on sharp twigs that trigger their injured legs.

This is run over and over again until the next the child is able to successfully fly. Behind all the efforts of the mother is very hard, in fact the eagle mother is teaching her children. Not only does it teach them to fly but it also looks out of the comfort zone they've been living in. 

Focus on goals

The eagle has a very sharp view. When hunting and aiming prey, eagles can do so from a distance of tens of kilometers. Eagle hunting ability includes support by its flying speed that can reach speeds of 300 km per hour.
The ability of eagles in hunting can be interpreted that in the life you need to stay focused. Focus on the positive goals you desire to achieve by deploying all the best capabilities you have.

Increase self-potential

Although most other birds avoid strong wind gusts while flying, eagles are quite the opposite. Eagle is a style of bird that likes to fly high, because the higher he flies, the stronger the wind movement he gets. 
The habit of eagles that still struggle to fly high and stay in high areas can be interpreted as a system of self-growth in life. Don't be alarmed or embarrassed to keep improving yourself to be a better private person. Don't be tired to keep trying to achieve things better than before. But don't be frisy and arrogant when you're at the top. 

Be with the storm 

The storm is certainly a very strong gust of wind and this is very much in keeping with the eagle's liking. Take advantage of the wind gusts to fly higher, resting the wings. Eagle is not a bird figure that avoids storms, but instead ready to wait for the arrival of hurricanes even tend to track the area of the presence of hurricane winds. 
This includes being able to apply it in life, when facing problems you need to be able to make friends with difficulties. Storms in life will certainly face all living things, including humans, not only created to have a human conscience including given lust.  

Conscience and lust need to be able to go hand in hand, until when facing a problem, mentally you are ready and can face it, not only be calm but include being able to consistently dig positive things behind a problem. 


Eagles are not animals that have a habit of living in groups. Eagles still have their own flying stimulants. The solitude of flying eagles teaches us to keep trying to be an independent private. Whether in happy or difficult conditions. 
However, itself does not mean to be private anti-social or have a pattern of exploitative behavior, full of deception, forget the law, violate the rights of others, violate ethics and morals, and behave harshly, without a knowing or logical motive. 

Flying alone like an eagle means being a stand-alone human being who can pursue life, work and other things with his own capabilities, not bothering others or depending on others. Especially unless the independence that you have can help or provide usefulness for the people
Leave a negative subject 

There are special animals whose penchant is actually consuming carrion. Even these carrion predators not only hunt for carcasses, but include storing their hunts as best they can without being noticed by other animals in rotting conditions for re-consumption afterwards. 

Then what about the eagles? Similar eagles don't eat carrion in the past. Eagles keep hunting animals in fresh conditions for consumption. Then what does it mean for our lives? 
In life, do not be proud when you can achieve your dreams in negative ways. We should be able to leave behind bad things, negative things that have the potential to be toxic to ourselves and those around us. 

And if you desire to do good, do not worry about it. Apply and make those good things happen in life, rest assured that the results we get will be similar. 
New life chances 

Eagles can live to the age of 70-75 years, but to reach this age is not an easy matter. At the age of 40, eagles are actually faced with two choices: wait for death or be ready through a transformation system.  

To that end, the eagle will remain in its nest high on the mountaintop for 150 days. It's not just alienating or semedi lho! The eagle needs to regenerate its own body. The choice is tormented or dead.

The eagle will attempt to free its beak. Next, the eagle will wait until its new beak grows on its own. The sharp new beak he would later wear to pluck out his paws and feathers on his body until it came off completely. 

The eagle will then wait until the claws and feathers re-grow a new one. After 150 days of regeneration, the eagle will be ready to re-pursue the remaining 30 years of its life with new power and capability.
What does eagle transformation have to do with our lives as human beings? This means to achieve a great dream in life, you need to make sacrifices. There's no easy and instantaneous subject in life. Achievements in life certainly have difficult and painful phases. 

But believe me, like an eagle, once there is a problem there will be convenience. Behind the problems that we face will certainly be available happiness that we can get. Stay positive, be honest, smart and wise. 

Therefore, all creatures given life will certainly grow old, but to become an adult human being who can manage the intellectual, emotional and spiritual side until it can be felt and directed towards the positive side then it is all the choice of the human being itself. 

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