illustration logo vector icon of simple

illustration logo vector icon of simple

illustration logo vector icon of simple
illustration logo vector icon of simple
vector icon of simple forms of point of location,for restaurant

How to Create a Location Marker in Google Maps

Often we want to go to a place, but that location is not on Google Maps. In fact, we rely heavily on the online map to walk anywhere considering the convenience offered.

Well, Google Maps itself allows users to manually add markers or location markers.

This method has advantages for users because it is easy to use and free, but there are limitations in the use of markers as well as features available in the application.

Here are the steps you can follow to create a location on a Google Maps map. Here's how, explore 

1.Open the Google Maps app.
2.Click the Menu icon in the form of three vertical lines located in the upper left corner.
3.Then, click the "Your Places" option
4.Next, click maps tab
5.If you have, continue by clicking
  Create Map Button
6.After you're on the map creation page, click the marker icon or location marker.
7.Find a place on the map that you want to add a bookmark to, and then click.
8.After adding a location marker, a box will appear, which can be used to add a description of the         name  as well as other attributes to the marker.
9.If you want to add location markers elsewhere, then repeat steps 6-8 as many times as you need.
10.Lastly, in the picture there are three arrows. Follow the first arrow if you want to give the map a     name. Follow the second arrow if you want to name the layer, and follow the third arrow to share the     map with others.

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