illustration house illustration of abstract house

illustration house illustration of abstract house

illustration house illustration of abstract house
illustration house illustration of abstract house

illustration house

The house with modern minimalist design is on trend and much loved. Its simple and functional design is not true one of the appeals of modern minimalist residences.

This modern minimalist house is not much of a knick-knack. Thus, this residence looks cleaner and simpler.

Interested in building a minimalist modern residence? Follow these modern minimalist housing building tips that focus on 5 main issues:

1. Design focuses on minimalism and technology

Quoted from Home Design Lover, the modern concept residence underpins its design to function. The design of this residence focuses on minimalism and technology.

The use of modern technology is combined with home functions. Minimalist houses usually have a plain and simple appearance.

2. Importance of functions

In designing minimalist dwellings, functionality is the most important subject to consider. Before causing a good design, first take into account what mother and family needed.

The design of the residence is said to be successful except the room and furniture of the residence is used together well. Everything can work.

5 Main Focus in Building Modern Minimalist HouseEthrage modern minimalist residence/ Photo: Special

3. Color selection

Most modern residences use a neutral color palette equipped with bright colour accents. Pastel colors are rarely used for modern dwellings.

However, Mother may use the preferred color. The most important thing is that the colors are able to be combined together well.

4. Good lighting

Modern and minimalist design applies good lighting. Mother is able to use sunlight and additional lights. Large windows in minimalist dwellings can be a solution nih, Bun.

"Shared spaces with lots of natural light tend to look warmer," said interior designer and author Will Taylor, quoted by My Domaine.

5. Storage

Most modern residences use unique storage areas. This can support Mother so that the items in the dwelling are kept neatly.


Illustration of abstract house with a roof shaped like a triangle.

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