illustration drawing business people enginering

illustration drawing business people enginering

illustration drawing business people enginering
illustration drawing business people enginering
Technological Developments for the Future
Before we enter into an interesting topic discussed, surely we must be aware of some of the subjects including:

- What is technology?

- If technology develops rapidly what impact does it have on life connections?

Technology is a means that is made to facilitate human activities in carrying out many things. As technology progresses very quickly that triggers many people to be helped in the work, with the technology of work able to be done quickly in order to be able to maximize the work in the pas that is not so much wasted if in Doing without technology.then technology against this fitting is absolutely for almost all circles, no wonder that toddlers until grandparents all use technology such as a mobile phone.
then we go into the topic of whether if technology develops rapidly it will affect life. If I think "yes if technology develops then it will affect life" my opinion will try to explain so that the reader realizes why I think so. 

I tried to confiscate for example the use of this fitting technology such as mobile phones, almost all people are familiar with mobile phones and almost everyone has it, mobile phones are very useful this fitting because with the number of mobile phones that we have in a handheld, we are able to realize the conditions in various wailayah in the hemisphere by using a mobile phone let alone space is able to be seen by using a mobile phone.

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technological advances have certainly had both good and bad influences. The good influence of almost all work can be made easier and accelerated a job, the adverse effects of humans are very pampered with technological advances that trigger as we become lazy in carrying out some of the busy activities such as socializing with people approximately because the sausage place has given us additional comfort in the grasp to socialize.

Looking at these conditions I'm thinking what will happen in the future when technology has been very indulgent to humans? when almost all the work is capable of being done by a system and robots that are very easy to operate so that any busyness is able to be done by a tool without the available heavy work that we do, even to happen it could be that we will use a tool.

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And it could be that all physical activities will be made easy or assisted by a tool.then the robot will have a very sophisticated system that is an artificial intelligence that is able to learn a subject independently, so that humans will be more lazy to do something. and it is possible that some humans who do not develop themselves will experience setbacks in various fields so that the following fields will be replaced by a system and robots that carry out their work.and some humans who develop themselves especially in the matter of technology will try to master and monopolize a land of work derived from the technology they have created.

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