how to design a logo in illustrator for photograpy

 how to design a logo in illustrator for photograpy

how to design a logo in illustrator for photograpy
how to design a logo in illustrator for photograpy

Mountain, From You I Learned About Life

There's not much obvious meaning about a hike, even though they've climbed their feet on the highest peak. Climbing is a journey and a process to the summit. It's as simple as that the meaning of climbing. However, the meaning of climbing is deeper than that, not just a journey to a peak. Behind it all, there is a philosophy of life that describes the value and meaning of a life.

1. Purpose

The purpose is illustrated by the summit of the mountain itself. Although each person is able to give a different meaning, but basically each climber has an object from his ascent. Together with life, everyone has an object or object to achieve. Like a peak, an object or object will never run from its throne. They can always be there, which distinguishes just the way our feet are. Will we get closer to him or stay away from him.

2. Obstacles

To reach the summit, it is not uncommon for us to pass through heavy terrain. Cobbled roads, winding, rugged terrain along the left right of steep ravines, sand or moreover storms. It's like a description in life that tells us that in order to achieve a dream or object in life there are obstacles or trials that we need to go through, where those obstacles can force us to fight. Just like with life, to achieve objects or cravings there can be obstacles that we need to face and we fight for. That is, we need to consistently move and step up to achieve that object, because silence will not bring about change.

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3. Determination and Intent

Determination and intent, both are always present at the end of despair. Both colors and symbols of a climber's heart. How much will and will to reach the top, that's the determinant of how much your heart is capable of achieving your dreams. Will you fight for your dreams or stop and bury them deep.

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