design adobe ,illustrator,TIGER HEAD

design adobe ,illustrator,TIGER HEAD

design adobe ,illustrator,TIGER HEAD
design adobe ,illustrator,TIGER HEAD
Tigers (scientific name: Panthera tigris; also referred to as tigers, although more commonly used for animals derived from the Panthera pardus species and their subspecies) are animals belonging to the phylum Chordata, vertebrate subfilum, mammal class, meat eater (carnivore), felidae family (cat), panthera genus, and classified in tigris species.

Tigers are the largest type of cat of its species, even larger than lions. The Tigers are also the 2nd fastest cat in the running, after citah. In total carnivores, tigers are the largest carnivorous cats and the third largest carnivores after polar bears and brown bears.

Tigers mostly hunt rather large prey like sambar deer, antelope, pigs, or cancils. However, tigers will hunt small animals like hedgehogs in case the rather large prey does not exist. Although it comes from the same family, the tiger is not similar to a small ordinary cat, the tiger is very satisfied to swim, and basically the cat is worried about the water.
Tigers are known as the largest cats, tigers are sized like lions but slightly heavier. Different subspecies of tigers have similar characteristics as well, against most male tigers weigh in at 180 and 320 kg and females weigh at 120 and 180 kg. The length of the male is at 2.6 and 3.3 meters, but the female is at 2.3 and 2.75 meters. In the surviving subspecies, sumatran tigers are the least and the larger siberian tigers.

Loreng against most tigers many varieties come from brown to black. The shape and density of the loreng varies from subspecies to another, but almost all tigers have more than 100 loreng. Javan tigers that are currently extinct could have more loreng. The pattern is unique to each tiger, and can be used to distinguish from one another, similar to the fingerprint benefits used to identify people. This is not, after all, the recommended method of identification, regarding the difficulty of recording patterns against wild tigers. It seems that the benefit of loreng is for camouflage, to hide them coming from their prey.
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