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Benefits of Vector Graphics In Design
Every day you must see a variety of images, such as in books, television, poster ads, billboards and more. All of these images have their own message and purpose, including digital images.

Digital images are images produced from the processing of images using computers, cameras, scanners or other electronic devices. Digital images are divided into two types, bitmap and vector files. The difference is that bitmap images are used to depict real life. While vector is used to display abstract images or illustrations.

In this article, Decodeko will explore the advantages or benefits you can get if you use vector images in a design.

Easy to Create
Although it is easy to cause vector images, but of course you need supporting tools or applications. Most designers use Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Corel Draw software.

Don't be confused with the many options to use the software, the main thing is your creativity when drawing something. Learn how to draw vectors from multiple sources like blogs or YouTube and you'll soon master them.

Measurable Vector Images
One of the biggest advantages when you cause vector images is being able to cause images of any size. That's why vector is the perfect image model for designing a company's logo and other designs that often undergo a change in size.

A designer wants the image to be able to resize so that it can be used against a variety of platforms. Therefore designers tend to create vector images in their creations.

No Image Distortion
Vector and bitmap comparisonsNot like bitmap images, images are able to be easily enlarged without being distorted in vector form. Therefore, it is not mandatory to be careful of vector images that you make will blur if you change it to another size. The image will remain knowing and sharp, and there will be no different parts coming out of the original image.

Easy to Re-Edit
The components in the vector image are capable of being individually manipulated. When you're happy editing don't have to do it in its entirety. Instead, just edit the specific part you want.

This makes it easy for you and saves you a lot of time. You don't have to be careful to run errands because the image is re-editable.

Has a Small File Size
Images with small file sizes are easier to send and use against websites, as well as downloaded or downloaded. That's why many people prefer to use vector images to be displayed on the website.

Even if you cause a large image, you can still save it with a small file size.

Ideal For Creating Illustration Image Details
Because vector images use lines, it is easy to cause images that are very detailed but still sharp. This vector image is better than a high-resolution photo.

Vector IllustrationA carefully drawn vector inside is able to be utilized for presentations, demonstrations and explanations of manual techniques for an object.

Good When Printed
This model image will come out nicer and sharper when printed. It's easy to print vector images without having to worry about going out of shape around the square.

Generally More Aesthetic (Good to See)
Vectors produce images with very fine lines and meticulousness. That's why a logo with a vector model will still come out nice or not blur inside any size.

File Size By Image Complexity
The size of the vector image is mostly small and related to how difficult and careful the image is. The size aspect of this image model is not based on the size or color depth you are using.

Good For Animation
Because of the sharpness of the resulting image, vector images are perfect for use in animations, more or less caricatures.