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love the illustrations make the fruit of the banana and whether illustration 

love the illustrations make the fruit of the banana and whether illustration ,Ilustrasi is the result of a visualization of a posting with the technique drawings, paintings, photographic, or technical art other more priority to the relationship of the subject with the post in question rather than the form.

The purpose of the illustration is to elucidate or decorate a story, article, poem, or other written information. It is expected along with the provision of visual, next post is lighter to digest.

Function specific illustrations, among others:

Give a shadow of each of the traits in the story
Give shadow form of the tools used in the post scientific
Give shadow work steps
Communicate the story.
Connect the posts together with the creativity and individuality of man.
Give humor-humour particular to reduce the sense of boredom.
Can explain the concept conveyed
Concept illustration can be reviewed in time to the past through painting the walls of the prehistoric and the concept of posting hierioglif.

The golden age of illustration the United States occurred in th. 1880, after world war I. This occurs simultaneously with the popularity of newspapers, magazines, and illustrated books which is very likely the presence of experimental techniques by artists. On kala's illustrator who became rich and famous. A theme that a lot of get out is the aspirations of the American nation at that time.

In Europe, artists of the golden age being tempted by a group of Pre-Raphaelite and movements that are oriented to the design such as Arts plus Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, and Les Nabis. For example, Walter Crane, Edmund Dulac, Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham and Kay Nielsen.

At the time of now, the illustrations add flourish with the use of many software helper sepertiAdobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and CAD. But the illustration of traditional contrived with the hand still has a high value.

In Indonesia, the history of the routine illustration can refer to the cave paintings contained in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi province and on the island of Papua. Trace illustration lived nearly 5000 years old. it depicts stacks of fingers of the hand colored red terracotta. In addition to the cave paintings, wayang beber in the traditional entertainment of Java and Bali observed as an illustration that represents the sequence of the story the story of the Mahabharata, a routine that more or less out simultaneously with the establishment of the kingdom of Srivijaya who adheres to Hinduism on the Island of Sumatra members of the South.

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