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 Deer and Lions : Which is Faster?
Which one wins if a deer or lion races? According to the investigation as follows:

Deer : Deer running speed reaches 90 km/h

Lion : Lion running speed is only 58 km/h

The running speed of these two animals is not at all far away. Surprisingly, lions are often so easy to hunt deer and prey on them.

When he understands a lion lurking and hunting him, a deer runs as fast as the wind to save itself. But at the same time the deer believed very well that the lion would prey on it. The deer feels that it is weak compared to the lion. The deer thinks it's very unlikely that it can escape from coming from a lion ambush. The deer's fear of the lion and his confidence will not escape comes from the pressure of the lion. The roaring roar of the lion triggered the deer to become frightened. This triggers the deer to always look back while running, to monitor how far away the lion is behind it. This deadly monitor negatively affects the speed of the deer. These are the observations that trigger deer running slower and slower and more triggering lions to get closer to it. And after that the lion ambushed and preyed on him, and devoured him. If the deer did not look back often, the speed would have been stable and the lion would have been unable to prey on it. If only the deer understood the point of STRENGTH available at its SPEED, it would have survived coming from the clutches of the lion.

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My friend... There are so many times we've wasted looking back. So that we are ultimately preyed upon by the failures of the past era. Often our worry at failure triggers us to fall into it Often the failures of the past era trigger us not to believe in God that we can achieve success and can realize our ideals. And in the end that worry really killed us.

Clean up the past era, then forget what's behind us, let's look forward there are so many opportunities and opportunities to achieve success.