illustration definition

illustration definition
illustration definition

illustration definition
Definition of Illustration : Function, Purpose, Type And Example

Illustration is a word derived from the Dutch ilustratie which has the meaning of an ornament with an image. In terminology illustration is an image that has the benefit as a means to mention an event. 

show that an illustration is an image that depicts a particular object like an example in a short story.

According to other experts include the opinion that illustration is an image related to fine art. This illustration is able to mention the meaning derived from a writing in order to support the reader to realize the meaning comes from the next writing 

Illustration Definition
Benefits of Illustration
Illustration Function
Purpose of Illustration
Types of Illustrations
Illustration Example
According to KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) illustrations have the meaning of an image that mentions the content of a book or mentions a writing in order to support the reader in raising his imagination to describe the writing through an image.

Benefits of Illustration
An illustration has many meanings and meanings. It supports us in realizing the implied meaning in a writing through images. The following are the benefits derived from the illustrations that will be studied in depth:

1. Attract the reader's attention. Illustrations can be used to give a complete description of the fill in a work. One example is in a magazine or book. An illustration is great for causing readers to be curious and cause them to be addicted to reading it further.

2. Ease in realizing a writing. The existence of illustrations supports us to find meaning derived from a writing that we read thoroughly.

3. As a means of expressing inspiration or assumption through an image. Many of them like to draw to express what he feels, channel hobbies, reveal outpourings of heart and others.

4. Briefly explain a writing or story.

5. Increase the aesthetic value of an image or writing. The existence of illustrations makes one more light in interpreting a message that desires to be conveyed.

6. As a means to communicate. In general, a picture is able to describe a writing.

7. Provide entertainment so that readers do not get bored when reading a writing.

8. Explaining a design through images.

Illustration Function
In addition to the eight benefits mentioned above, further review of the benefits of illustration:

1. Descriptive function, which is used to describe the meaning derived from a long writing through an image.

2. Expressive function, which is to express an inspiration or inspiration through an image.

3. Analytical functions express carefully the members of an object.

4. Qualitative function, which is generally used in the creation of tables, graphs, photos, symbols, images and others.

Purpose of Illustration
Any object or benefit derived from this illustration is the first, to clarify about the Info that we can convey. Second, to attract attention in order to be able to stimulate and motivate the reader so as not to get bored. Third, make it easier to remember the concepts, inspirations and inspirations that are desired delivered through an image. In addition, it can then be examined more deeply about objects derived from illustrations:

1. Attract the attention of readers. A writer is said to succeed unless the writing he makes makes the reader feel curious to be interested in reading it further.

2. Clarify the meaning contained in a writing. In the absence of illustration the reader can struggle to realize the meaning of a writing. With illustrations are able to support the reader and direct them to keep reading our writing. So, be clever in displaying illustrations. Why is that? This is because interesting illustrations definitely have more value than illustrations that don't fit the theme we're raising.
3. Illustrations can be used as the logo of a company. One subject that must be underlined is that the next logo has the content of the company identity. This identity is very necessary for companies when it comes to promoting their products. One example is a company engaged in food and beverages. With a good illustration in the packaging of food or beverages next able to attract the attention of buyers or their buyers.

4. Convince the reader on the various messages that the cravings are delivered.

5. Create a meaningful impression in the promoted product.

6. Show the uniqueness of a product. Illustration becomes a tool to bring out the uniqueness of a product. One example is when we crave to offer a soap product with natural ingredients. Illustrations made by adah depict products about soap made from natural.

7. Entice readers to read the title. In a writing it turns out that the title has a great influence on the reader's interest to read its content to the end. This is where illustrations are needed

8. As a means to communicate a product to consumers. An example is that the packaging of a product requires an attractive design so that the buyer is interested in buying.

Types of Illustrations
Here can be reviewed what kinds or styles of illustrations that we can use to pour our inspiration and inspiration:

1. Naturalist Illustration Images
Naturalist illustrations have colors and shapes that match the original shapes available in nature.

2. Decorative Illustration Drawings
Decorative illustrations are widely used to color a shape of a certain type.

3. Cartoons
Cartoons are found in books or magazines for children. This is because with the picture is able to attract the attention of children to feel at home lingering - long reading. In addition to adding a lot of education, this includes being able to raise children's vocabulary and also train them to raise their imagination.

4. Caricature Images
Caricature images are commonly found in newspapers or magazines. It could be that the image expresses a criticism and suggestion.

5. Textbook Illustrations
Textbook illustrations are used to describe an event both scientific and depicting an image.

6. Illustrated Stories
In a picture story like a comic, an illustration can be used to show an area and describe a serita with a point of view that causes the reader to be interested in following the story.

7. Imaginary Illustrations
In dream illustrations are generally images that are made to express an imagination that is widely used in various stories such as novels, comics and others.

Illustration Example
After realizing the various benefits and benefits derived from illustrations we can now discuss about examples of illustration images. Illustration images are able to channel the inspiration poured in an image.

1. Comics
Comics are works of art that combine sequences of images to be arranged as an interesting story.

2. Cover
Every book must have a cover or cover. With it makes a book more interesting and beautiful to look at. With the illustrations attracted the attention of readers. Especially in textbooks, with pictures can support students to learn more lightly a material.

3. Magazines
In a magazine especially a fashion magazine, surely illustrations have too important value. Why? This is because illustrations encourage buyers to get to know more about the products offered in order to stimulate buyers' interest in buying them.