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Children Learn More Carefully through Illustrations in Picture Books

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The existence of picture books can have an impact on children understanding that the book was actually created for them.

Illustrations of children in picture books, for example, described from a variety of races, genders, classes, religions, to diversity areas in the world, bring the impact of the child who sees it can feel closeness along with the following illustrations because of the diversity.

But it's not just 'picture books for all children'
One of the other advantages of picture books is that it makes it easier for children to understand the story.
Children who have not been able to read can understand the series of stories from the illustrations in the picture book.
An example is reported from nytimes.com in the children's book "Goodnight Moon".
They understood the mouse's move into the bedroom through the illustrations presented.

So included along with the details of the illustrations in the children's book "In the Night Kitchen".

With the illustrations in the picture book, the child becomes able to "read" even though he/she is not able to read the letters.

Through their imagination, they can enjoy the story in the following book from the series created by the illustrations.

That is why sometimes children hope that we do not rush to turn the page when we read the storybook to them, or turn the previous page to observe more in the illustrations in the picture book while we read it.

That includes the reason why they are unsaturated reading similar picture books over and over again.

From picture books, children can learn to read together carefully through illustrations.

Teachers refer to picture books as "Visual Literacy".

"Visual Literacy" is not only about reading images, but also understanding the communication and intertwining in the book.