illustration art

illustration art
illustration art
illustration art
In the previous topic, this was an illustration creation of Emperor Place by imural team. This time we can talk more about illustrations starting with understanding illustrations, functions, and types of illustrations.

Discussing the art world, art itself was created together with the purpose of happiness through its beauty, in addition, to enjoy not realizing how much it is worth, art is difficult to explain literally more or less can not measure along with the parameters.

Similar in plastic art that mentions together aloud the expression and self-impression through its creator. All creations are created in conjunction with media systems, structuring elements, and various design principles so as to create value art.

In plastic art, there are various types of art, one of which is illustration art. As many people know that the art of illustration is an image that can mention or lighten things so that people can understand.

Understanding Illustrations According to Experts
illustration of understanding

Martha Thoma (Sofyan, 1994:171)
The idea of illustration in relation to painting evolved along the same plot in history as well as in many ways, both the same.

As a traditional measure, both were inspired by the creation of literature, but only one painting was made to decorate the walls or ceiling while illustrations were created to beautify the manuscript, not incidents, and help to tell a story.

Rohidi (1984:87)
Rohidi said that illustrations related to fine art are to depict things through elements of art, mention or beautify a text, so that readers can feel together with direct steps through their eyes, impressions, and movement characteristics from storytelling.

Soedarso (1990:1)
Illustration according to Soedarso is the art of painting or drawing art that takes place for other purposes that can give additional explanations or relent like a short story in a magazine.