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A Variety of Hair Treatments in Beauty Salons Worth Trying
shiny, soft is the dream of almost everyone. To achieve that goal, protecting the freshness of the hair along with treatments in beauty salons becomes not the right one option. What are the hairstyle styles in the salon? 

Wide selection of hair treatments at the salon
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You can be familiar with hair treatments, such as creambath, hair spa, and hair masks offered at beauty salons. Even so, there are various steps to protect your hair in other salons that you should try to avoid from damaging your hair.

1. Keratin Treatment
Keratin is a protein style that can be found in hair, nails, and skin. Well, this salon treatment enables creams that contain formaldehyde and applied to the hair. 

Then, the cream will be given hot and flattened in the hair. The combination of formaldehyde cream, heat, and pressure will react together with keratin in the hair. As a result, dry and curly hair will be much softer. 

Even so, hair care in this salon certainly has the side effects below that kudu noticed. Formaldehyde is a colorless and pungent-smelling gas that can cause a variety of reactions when sprayed into the eyes or absorbed in the skin.

Eye, nose and throat irritation
Coughing and shortness of breath
Allergies to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract
In addition, these compounds can also be released at higher levels when heated. As a result, hairdressers and customers who repeatedly pursue this treatment are more at risk of exposure to freshness cases due to formaldehyde. 

2. Scalp Scrub
One of the cases of an adequate scalp disturbing the freshness of the hair is a dry and itchy scalp. You're not kudu worried. In addition to healing at home, you can also choose a scalp scrub as a hair care in the salon.

Scalp scrubs are not a true one treatment that is claimed to support reduce oil processing on the scalp. In fact, this method is also considered to increase hair growth.

The so-called treatments suitable for all these hair styles enable essential oils or masks derived from natural ingredients. Keep in mind that unless you shampoo frequently, you can only do scalp scrubs once a few weeks. 

It is best to avoid doing this treatment more than 1 -2 times a week because it can irritate the scalp.