design logo brand,a red Apple with a piece of realistic drawing vector

design logo brand,a red Apple with a piece of realistic drawing vector
Why Apples are Red ???
If an apple is illuminated by the sun, the apple skin will react just as the human skin reacts: the apple skin changes color and becomes red. This change is useful for relief against sunlight. Because, like brown human skin, the red apple is now better protected against harmful light contained in sunlight, so-called ultraviolet light, which is briefly called UV light.

Just a few years old. ago, experts found that UV light caused little damage to the red apple skin.

Sweet apples, which contain a lot of sugar, are pinker than apples along with a small amount of sugar. Indeed, there is also an apple style like "Golden Delicious", which can not only form a red color substance, this apple apple may get spots or small dots from sunlight, available also that change color to brownish kecokelat, but not red.

We can try to cause some experiments ourselves to see the consequences of the immediate illumination of the sun along with the apples. We have to stick a red apple style together with a piece of adhesive (heart-shaped) as long as the fruit hangs along with the green color and has not cooked on the tree. In the area of the sun shines it, there the apple skin is red, while under the adhesive apple skin is forever brightly colored. If after the apple was picked, we lifted the adhesive, then obtained an apple along with bright spots (heart-shaped).

design logo brand,a red Apple with a piece of realistic drawing vector Logo
A logo is an image or simply a sketch with a certain meaning, and represents a meaning of a company, region, organization, product, country, institution, and anything else requiring something short and memorable in lieu of its real name.

Logos must have a philosophy and basic framework in the form of concepts with the aim of giving birth to a stand-alone or independent nature. Logos are more commonly known by vision or visuals, such as the distinctive color and shape of the logo.

The logo has 5 elements to meet. I.e:

Unity (related)
Dominance (attraction)
Rhythm (continuous)
Proportions (good to look at)
Balance (same)
A good logo can represent a product or company and is also memorable.
Logo type
Here are 7 common logo types:

Abstract logo
Combination marks.
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