graphic design logo creation boutique

graphic design logo creation boutique
graphic design logo creation boutique

A logo is an image or simply a sketch with a certain meaning, and represents a meaning of a company, region, organization, product, country, institution, and anything else requiring something short and memorable in lieu of its real name.

Logos must have a philosophy and basic framework in the form of concepts with the aim of giving birth to a stand-alone or independent nature. Logos are more commonly known by vision or visuals, such as the distinctive color and shape of the logo.

The logo has 5 elements to meet. I.e:

Unity (related)
Dominance (attraction)
Rhythm (continuous)
Proportions (good to look at)
Balance (same)
A good logo can represent a product or company and is also memorable.
Logo type
Here are 7 common logo types:

Abstract logo
Combination marks.
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